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In our never ending pursuit to offer the latest innovation in plumbing supplies, Cobra Products, Inc. is proud to unveil its newest additions.
Aluminum Dryer Vent Tape
Aluminum Dryer Vent Tape

This Cobra Products aluminum foil tape is the ideal product to seal dryer vent seams and joints from moisture and vapor.

  • Soft aluminum foil tape with aluminum finish
  • Temperature rating: 32 degrees F to 150 degrees F

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Skinny Snake
Skinny Snake

The Skinny Snake is Cobra’s latest product that will help with clearing sinks, showers and tub drains. Its thick wire will work through most strainers and pop-ups without having to remove them. It’s easy to operate: just rotate radial hub of the case or use finger grips to feed the cable through the drain.

  • 1/8 in. x 10 ft. high carbon wire cable
  • Rugged molded black polypropylene case

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Plunge-It™ High-Efficiency Toilet Plunger

Are you having trouble clearing a clog with a standard toilet plunger? Do you have a low-flow or high-efficiency toilet? Introducing the new Cobra Plunge-It plunger designed to tackle tough clogs in high-efficiency, low-flow, and standard toilets.

  • Professional strength performance and durability
  • Non-marking rubber
  • Non-absorbent white handle

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Zip-it® Tool mentioned on Fox News.com

The Zip-It tool is the amazing and fast way to clear clogged and slow-moving drains. The Zip-It tool was recently mentioned in a Fox News article. To view the article, click the link below (see item 2):



Pistol Grip Drum Auger
Drum Augers are very useful drain cleaning tools and are commonly used for cleaning sink, shower & bathtub drains, and other 1-1/4" to 2" drain lines. They are called drum augers because the plastic drum stores the coiled cable inside. The pistol grip makes the auger easier to control the cable.
  • High impact polymer housing
  • Long lasting durability
  • Screw construction

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Plunge-N-Store® Plunger with Caddy
Need to have a plunger handy in your bathroom, but dislike the way a messy plunger looks in your bathroom? Here's the solution!
  • Powerful plunger stored in a stylish caddy
  • Turn handle to open or close
  • Designed to keep you away from the mess
  • Clears clogged & slow running toilets

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